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Capital Raising

We advise businesses on your capital requirements, structure solutions to address your capital needs, and raise debt or structured capital from various capital providers (including, banks and private funds)

We are Lead Financial Advisory in capital raising.

  • Assess current capital structure and future needs.

  • Identify and evaluate capital options available including private equity placements, bank debt, hybrid/structured finance products and Loan.

  • Identify the appropriate financiers / investors to address specific corporate objectives (growth, new market entry, regional expansion) and/or shareholder requirements (dividends, foreign investment, and strategic partnerships)

  • Investors dealing and joint venture

  • Introduced the company’s management to banks and international financiers

Contact us

Tel:+95 97777 366 79, +95 97777 366 97


Address; No.5, 4th Floor, Room-B, Kanbae Rd, Yankin Township, 11081, Yangon, Myanmar.

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