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Finance Conference Myanmar

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About Conference

Financing for growth is so important for every business 
  • Lacking sufficient capital to grow is the major constraint for most small- and middle-market companies in every developing country, Myanmar is no exception as the capital (Both of Loan Capital and Equity Capital) is the fuel that drives the company’s growth engine. Without it, reaching that “next level” is almost impossible. 
  • The financing from outside loan from bank, equity capital from equity investor is increasingly being used as an instrument for sustainable growth of the private sector in developing countries. SMEs are no exception. For keeping the sustainable growth, every business needs capital, when the businesses are getting growth the country will also get developed, there is also an underexposed side of the industry where it is an effective model for sustainable development and an important source of risk capital in countries with shallow capital markets and under-served SMEs. 
  • To raise capital for business growth, every business executives such as Entrepreneurs and business owners, CEO, CFO, Directors, Members of BOD, Senior Management of Corporations, Senior Partners of Professional Firms, Government and Non-profit Organizations, Financial or Business Advisers and others who need to make financial decisions need financial acumen, transitional exposures, experienced management consulting advises etc. 
We, MaximaxSolution, are working under two missions to contribute Myanmar business growth which are “Addressing Financial Advisory Needs of Businesses in Myanmar” and Financial Literacy Needs of Professionals in Myanmar”
Accordingly we will conduct “Finance Conference 2020” soon. 
You will have a chance to learn the following from this conference
  • Developing detailed growth and expansion plans
  • What are the banks or equity investors looking for
  • Finding the ways to seek bank loan, potential strategic and financial investors
  • Preparing a “leave behind” presentation for your capital raising from banks or investors
  • Learning the drivers of your business valuation
  • When you need to hire a valuation company for preparing business plan and valuation report
  • More and more 

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