Executive Learning Program

One-Stop Executive Learning Institute for Accounting, Finance and Investment Professionals

We are the first and only one-stop Executive Learning training institute for accounting, finance and investment professionals and business executives from other fields. Established in 2016 to contribute to the nation’s highly qualified human capital resources required under the nation's dramatic economic and financial sector reforms.

We are a group standing with the mission to create high-impact learning exposures that add value directly in the learner’s workplace by developing comprehensive necessary skills and capacities for every accounting, finance and investment professionals and ultimately, becoming a central hub for cultivating qualified people in such fields.

Why Maximax?

In July 2017, after seven months of established in November 2016, MaximaxSolution Executive Learning Institute achieved the “Accreditation Certificate” from the “Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar, SECM” which is the highest powerful supervisory commission for Myanmar Financial and Capital Market Development.

  • To guarantee to achieve the diverse skills and knowledge for their respective career path

  • To cultivate professionals to be able to work together with foreigners who are flowing into Myanmar employment market every day

  • To train SME Business Owners, Executives from Accounting, Finance and Investment fields to become professionals with full practical knowledge and skills

  • To develop the trainees to be able to maintain long-term success in their chosen career

  • To give access to opportunities related employment in Multinational Corporation and to facilitate the investment opportunities with international investors

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