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Accounting & Financial Reporting Outsource

Any businesses regardless of big or small can benefit from outsourcing their bookkeeping and accounting functions. Outsourcing process can help free up internal resources and let the management focus on your core business and helping them focus on planning, strategy, and networking needed to grow a business. The benefits are probably most clear, one of the direct benefits of outsourcing is that companies can save money spent on hiring, training, and paying salaries to staff etc.

Given how accounting and bookkeeping are central function to evaluate the business profitability and financial health, here are some reasons how outsourcing accounting functions can help your efforts at business sustainability, growth and development etc.

Companies can also entrust accounting functions to outsourcing firms to save money on expenses associated with in-house infrastructure set-up, including software, upgrades, and security patches. All of these not only save money, they also reduce the hassle and worry that accompanies creating systems in-house.

Here’s our top 6 reasons or benefits to outsource your accounting and financial reporting;

  • Access to Finance & Accounting Expertise

The outsourcing process allows you to get the specialized knowledge your company accounting function needs as outsourced firms employ well trained accountants and highly finance professionals who can bring the best practices back to your company based on their variety of industry exposures.

  • Better Work Quality

Supervision ensures that all accounts are correctly managed, transactions are accurate and complete and working quality which allows you to progress faster and more robust and from third party standing outsource firm will help to reduce fraud and can provide independent judgment on transactions.

  • Excessive Cost saving

The cost savings would be a significant benefit of outsourcing your accounting functions. When it comes house infrastructure set-up, there are many associated costs related to software, upgrades, and security patches, salaries, benefits, taxes, and unemployment etc. those costs are one of their highest expenses, business owners are looking for ways to cut down on them.

As looking at the benefits of outsourcing, there are much efficiencies to be gained. When you outsource accounting and finance work that needs to be completed, they’ll have access to outsourcing firm’s expertise and quality without any additional expenditures.

  • Avoid Staff Turnover & Time-off issues

Outsourcing will also allow your company to avoid problems related to staff turnover and time off. For every organization, each team member and every dollar or (MMK) spend are vital to the success of the company.

There may reasons to delay on financial reporting due to team member sickness, vacation, or in the worst-case scenario, they leave the company, it causes stress and anxiety for the management. When you outsource your accounting and finance to an external firm, that becomes the firm’s problem, not of yours, If the person assigned as contact is out, their other team members will help you instead if necessary, reduce the cost of recruiter fee, and there may be many difficulties to find the best candidate and time consuming process and also may need to spend training costs. After outsource all of this headache will be transferred to outsourcing firm. 

  • Provide Flexibility To Meet Business Needs

Another benefit of outsourcing your accounting and finance is having more flexibility within the organization.

If your team has only 2 or 3 people, you need to ensure they are always busy. On the other hand, if they have too much to work on and not enough time, it can be problematic. They don’t have the flexibility to take on new things as your business grows or matures. It can be frustrating, and you’ve got to wait.

Business owners who outsource their accounting and finance can flex, pivot, and plan nimbly.

We can increase the number of people working on your project, and because we’re not bound by time or cost constraints, we’ll be able to deliver what you want when you need it. Flexibility is the reason why you should outsource your accounting and finance function.

  • Ability to Scale Up or Down

The next benefit of outsourcing your accounting and finance is the ability to scale up or down quickly. Look, business growth can come in lumps, and if you’re growing a newer company, it can get ahead of you. 

Businesses that have rapidly grown their business are often suffering complications with backend operations. This can slow down growth and cost the company money.

There have been times when the economy was on an upswing, but there have also been periods where it slumped. Examples include the impact of COVID-19 and unrest political situation 2020 onward.

In times like this, businesses may try to do layoffs, and you’re trying to become more efficient with your money. But you don’t want good people to leave the company because employees are still difficult and expensive to replace.

Outsourcing accounting and finance gives you the ability to scale up to handle a more significant workload when the business hits its peak.

The flip side of that is that if it becomes more challenging to run the business, you can scale back and not worry about having as many employees or capacity. This allows companies to scale up and down quickly.

Our Outsourcing accounting service will cover the most common types of financial analysis performed by professionals as follow;

  • Statement of Comprehensive Incomes (Profit and Loss Statement)

  • Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)

  • Statement of Cash Flow (Indirect Method Cash Flow Statement)

  • Statement of Changes in Equity (Equity Statement)

  • Explanatory Notes to Financial Report

  • Detail Notes for important area of transactions and balance (eg: Inventory, Receivable, Payable etc.)

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