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Advisory Service

Nowadays, every business and organization find the complexity of the business environment and transactions to be the most challenging. With the increase in requirements for improvements in continuous and accurate financial reporting and designing a compliance framework and policy, our service can provide compliance and advisory services as the partner of choice to assist clients' challenges and apply strategies to create opportunities in service to their growth.

In Myanmar, there is a gap in separating advisory from compliance and communicating their advisory expertise to clients. Therefore, we specialize in advisory support, which leads to higher-value services and separation from the sea of generalists.

MaximaxSolution’s Advisory Services team provides professional services such as tax planning, DICA registration, filing process, management reporting, cash flow forecasting, key performance indicator dashboards, financial performance reviews, process automation, budgeting and inventory tracking, strategic planning, profitability consulting, finance and accounting training, and often, our team brings industry experience and guides the client to develop short and long-term Capital Structuring and investment decision-making.

Here are some of the deliverables from our team:

MaximaxSolution is committed to improving the quality of financial reporting to amplify the financial reporting standards in many jurisdictions and also, accounting advisory which interweaves technology, relationships, communication, and strategy is committed to providing companies with the fuel needed for profitable growth. MS expertise provides recommendations, and options on financial strategies to MD, CEO, and BOD to achieve their financial and operational goals and also provides guidance and advice on Employee Share Scheme (ESS) and Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP) Program for employee performance bonuses and employment benefits.

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