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Investment Management and Monitoring

MaximaxsSolution is looking for opportunities to address the investment management and monitoring needs of local and foreign investors who had have investment portfolio in Myanmar by providing “Investment Management and Monitoring Services” working by a seasoned finance professional team.

Whatever size of investment in whatever business sector and wherever you have invested, you should have strong management and monitoring mechanism to alert you in terms of “GAR” without any delay!

"G" Green - performing in-line or ahead of expectation;

"A" Amber - performing below expectation; or

"R" Red - performing significantly below expectation or with cause for concern.

With GAR, to track the status of your Portfolio Management process and the investment health, we will provide you Monthly Note and the Quarterly Report actively by doing the followings;

  • Monitoring of financial and operating performances.

  • Driving/ reviewing the setting of business strategy and operating plans for portfolio companies.

  • Evaluating and where applicable recommending an improvement in the senior management team.

  • Encouraging a performance-based management culture that encompasses planning and budgeting, performance metrics,regular reporting, and corrective actions.

  • Utilizing external resources as necessary to complement internal managers and in-house skills.

  • Implementing strict governance practices for the Portfolio Company’s Directors and Board/ board reviews/ operating reviews.

For doing above activities, we will cover the followings;

  • Summary of your investment deal.

  • Portfolio summary and key indicators.

  • Update of key monitoring tasks - ( Key management decisions/issues during the period )

  • Sector update - ( Industry and regulatory )

  • Update on company governance.

  • Update on risks.

  • Current strategy and action issues.

  • Valuation and return.

  • Recommendation for strategy and the next action plan.

  • Any working appendix plus more and more.

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