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M&A Investment Advisory

We provide guidance to companies on buying and selling businesses, as well as assisting in the negotiation, due diligence, and financing aspects of the deal. Also help to achieve their business objectives with advisory on the strategic, financial, and operational aspects.

Q: What does MS do?

  1. Deal origination and screening

  2. Valuation analysis

  3. Due diligence

  4. Financing

  5. Negotiation and deal structuring

Q: When does the client need M&A and Investment advisory service?

  1. Strategic Growth

  2. Competitive advantage

  3. Cost saving

  4. Financial returns

  5. Risk mitigation

  6. Exist strategy

Q: Tell me detail about the service?

We can provide an international format structure with flexible local transactions and process depending on the company goals and objectives including;

  1. Merger

  2. Acquisition

  3. Asset purchase

  4. Stock Purchase

  5. Joint venture

  6. Leveraged buyout

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