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Provides comprehensive advice on all relevant aspects of accounting and financial reporting services, corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions transactions for local and foreign clients.


Our seasoned team, combined with thorough knowledge of Myanmar and its business and government network, allows us to provide the support our client needs, wherever sectors are and whatever the size of clients' organizations are. We work with regional professional firms including Light Bulb Advisory, Strategy and Financial Consulting and Novus, Corporate Finance Advisory.

Accounting and Business Services

Finance and Investment Advisory Services

Partnership With Regional Professional Firms

We  work with a regional professional firm, Light Bulb Advisory and Novus Corporate Finance

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Contact Us
Tel: +95 9442220081, +95 97777 366 97, +95 9442220091


Address; No.5, 3rd Floor, Room( B ), Thitsar Road ( Above the Dental Clinic ), Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

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